Our Founder - Ali Hayalie

Behind our golden dream…

It’s been a long journey. For over 10 years, founder Ali Hayalie has been working with luxury brands around the globe, designing some of the most exclusive products on the market.

From Auckland to Los Angeles, passing by Dubai, he developed a new vision of what luxury should be about. Not to mention a stubborn hunger for challenges.

When it was finally time to conceive his own Brand, Ali couldn’t settle for just anything: he wanted to create something unique.

This is how HAYALIE came to light, to Redefine Luxury.


Our Mission

Our Mission is bold, but conceptually simple: to deal only with the finest goods on Earth. The idea is to promote not vulgar abundance, but rather a superior lifestyle.

It was the beginning of our golden dream.

National treasure of his beloved New Zealand, Ali decided to cast his marketing magic on the “miraculous” Manuka Honey — a trending symbol of exclusivity and wellbeing.

But Manuka by Hayalie isn’t just any honey: we call it our Liquid Gold, and for a reason.   

To be considered therapeutic, Manuka honey must contain methylglyoxal levels above 100 units on the MGO scale. However, our Manuka scores an impressive MGO +1000… about ten times higher! 

Now, only a handful of producers can flaunt similar potencies. Golden comes from this rarity, and from the invaluable health benefits of such a product – anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, to mention a few.

But there’s more.

The Manuka Flower

The rare Manuka flower blooms no more than six weeks a year; it often grows on remote plateaus, solely reachable by hiking or helicopter. Subsequently, its delicate nectar requires a slow and meticulous refinement: only ten jars are carefully hand-filled in an hour, always striving for perfection.

This means that just a small number of servings can be dispatched each year. Scarce and ineluctably precious, like gold.  That’s our Manuka.

It’s been a long journey indeed, but we think it was well worth it.

We dared to dream big, and eventually Liquid Gold poured out from our dreams.