Prince Ali Hayalie

Behind the golden dream -

It’s been a long journey. For over a decade luxury designer Prince Ali Hayalie has been working with top tier luxury brands around the globe, designing some of the most exclusive products on the market that have even been worn by celebrities.

From Auckland, Sydney to Los Angeles and passing by Dubai, he developed a new vision of what luxury should be about, he discovered that there was a lack in relationship between luxury pieces, health and wellness.

When it was finally time to innovate and share the magic of his experience to the world, Hayalie couldn’t settle for just anything: he wanted to create something timeless and unique. He wanted to create the worlds first luxury Honey. 

This is how Hayalie came to light, to Redefine Luxury.

Our Mission is bold, but conceptually simple: to deal only with the finest commodities on Earth. The idea is to promote not vulgar abundance, but rather a superior lifestyle. It was the beginning of our golden dream.

A national treasure of his beloved country New Zealand, Prince Ali decided to cast his magical vision and creativity on only the finest Manuka Honey ever found — a symbol of both opulence and wellbeing.