The Box of Horus

Hollywood’s Glamour Enshrined in a Box

When you think of timeless glamour and affluent celebrity lifestyle, you immediately think of the wonders of Hollywood.

Indeed, the Californian capital of Cinema has been at the center of VIP fashion for almost a century: at least since showman Sid Grauman welcomed his guests into LA’s Egyptian Theatre with a velvety red carpet. The year was 1922, the event the premiere of Robin Hood.

An honor once reserved for kings and presidents, the red carpet has become ever since synonymous with the glamorous dolce vita of Hollywood’s stars.

And from that magic night, we drew our inspiration.

Envisioning a package that could complement the splendor of our Manuka golden jar, we took this powerful idea and implemented it in the design of our box.

The result is a miniature stage, surrounded and amplified by mirrors, revolving around a luxurious red carpet. Here, our jar stands beautiful and proud, like a celebrity on their first catwalk.

The box’s composition is also a nod and a tribute to the genius of Grauman, in the near centenary of his first ceremony—where red carpets ceased to be a symbol of reverence to power and became an icon of style.

To represent this story, we sealed the box with the golden Eye of Horus: a hieroglyph that is both a reminder of the first Egyptian Theatre premiere and of the glorious Pharaohs of the Nile, the original inspiration for the jar.

Beyond this significance, the Eye of Horus is also a statement and a wish.

For centuries associated with protection, royalty, and good health, this symbol represents everything we stand for and the lifestyle of abundance we envision for our customers.

Because together, with our visions and our dreams,
we are Hayalie.