The Golden Jar

A Timeless Glory Inspired by the Pharaohs. 

Through the splendor of this golden jar we wanted to celebrate a lifestyle of abundance crowned by our exclusive Manuka by Hayalie.

The design was inspired by the arcane beauty of ancient Egypt and by the regal opulence of the Pharaohs.

Our goal was to create a vessel that could mirror the sublime quality of its content, not unlike the way a sarcophagus would represent the prestige of its King.

The connection with the Egyptians, however, intrigued us far beyond this analogy.

Honey, we all know, is a timeless treasure.

It was revered for its unique taste and properties as far back as 5000 years ago by the people of the Nile, when the Pharaohs employed it even for their skincare and wound treatment.

Indeed, the Egyptian Kings loved it so much that they were often buried with numerous jars of the precious nectar—so they could be nourished and healed in the glorious journey to the Afterlife.

Beyond this tradition, honey also seemed to transcend time thanks to its exceptional durability: samples found in the burial Temple of King Tut, for instance, are still edible after thousands of years.

But above all, honey is inextricably linked to royalty.

Already a symbol for spirituality and abundance, bees became the emblem of the Kings of Lower Egypt.

The connection between the golden color of its nectar and the Pharaohs’ treasures was only the final piece of the puzzle in this luxurious love story.

All these qualities inspired us to craft a timeless design that could embrace abundance and royalty.

All this is Hayalie.