Manuka By Hayalie - Classique 250g/8oz

Manuka By Hayalie - Classique 250g/8oz

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The original piece of Manuka By Hayalie. The artistic dream that took over a decade to manifest. Inspired by music, fashion and luxury, the process in which our skilled Artisans dedicated a life time of experience to craft.

Every piece of Manuka by Hayalie is handcrafted and handmade in New Zealand and is infused with 24 carat edible gold.

Due to a high demand and only an exclusive amount being made per year, every piece of Manuka By Hayalie is bespoke made to order, please allow around 4 weeks for us to source the honey from New Zealand's heavens, infuse it with 24 carat edible gold and deliver. 


sustainably sourced from the best micro climates in New Zealand.

First crafted in 1839 and expertly refined over 180 years to transmute the highest quality.

Manuka By Hayalie is sustainably harvested from the most lauded farms of the region in New Zealand where some hives are only accessible solely by helicopter and can be only sourced two weeks of the year resulting in the finest Manuka Honey ever found.