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The Honey

Worshipped by the native people of New Zealand for its miraculous properties, Manuka Honey is one of the rarest products on Earth.

Even its story defies all the odds.

It begins in 1839, when the wild Manuka flower met the European bee.

Unknown in New Zealand, common bees had to be imported from England in a perilous six-month odyssey across the globe. It was only thanks to the masterful care of beekeeper Mary Bumby that two hives survived the journey.

Manuka by Hayalie is the golden fruit of this little miracle.

ethically sourced from the finest micro climates in new zealand

Today, Manuka Honey faces a different challenge.

Endorsed by Hollywood celebrities, the demand for this product has soared since the 1990s. Yet its harvesting is only possible in areas abundant with our special flower, where some hives are accessible solely by hiking or helicopter.     

Manuka flowers blossom no more than six weeks a year: this means that there is only a limited amount of honey we can harvest. If we do not respect these ethical methods of production, we risk endangering our precious ecosystem.

This is why Manuka by Hayalie is sustainably sourced from the most lauded farms of the region.

The result is the finest Manuka Honey ever made. 

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ali hayalie raw honey production

Refined over 180 years of impeccable honey-making, we transmute pollen of the wild Manuka flower in nothing less than liquid gold.

The harvesting is a slow, meticulous process: no more than ten jars can be produced in an hour.

As a result, each serving is selected with utmost care in the strenuous pursuit of perfection. 

The Finest and Highest quality of Liquid Gold

Hayalie pursues only the finest goods on Earth. Our goal is to redefine your lifestyle by Redefining Luxury.

Every gold ultra premium jar of Manuka by Hayalie is at least of MGO 1000+ grade of Manuka Honey and is carefully designed to deliver an ecstatic potent emotion alongside its known superior health benefits and high antiviral/antibacterial properties. Then, we fill it with the rarest batches of Manuka Honey infused with 24carat Gold Flakes from the unspoiled heavens of New Zealand.

What eventually arrives to you is more than the mere sum of its parts. You might say that it’s the finest Manuka Honey you ever saw.

We just like to say - it’s Hayalie

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